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Four Seasons Nursing Center Of Westland

Westland, MI



(734) 416-2000


Four Seasons Nursing Center Of Westland
8365 N Newburgh Rd
Westland, MI 48185

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Four Seasons Nursing Center Of Westland

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For profit - Corporation
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Janice says:
No stars if I could. I would have wrote this review sooner, but I wanted to wait until I was able to get my mom out of Four Seasons. She was there for 4 months (2015) until I finally got her out of there. The first 3 weeks she lost 28 pounds because they didn't make sure she was eating and drinking, I kept complaining to the nurses to call the doctor, but nobody did anything. One day she looked at me and said "I'm dying". That day I went to the head nurse and they finally put her on a pill to stimulate her appetite. Once she got her strength back, She kept saying things like "they hurt me". I thought it was when they moved her in and out of bed until she kept getting bruises and wounds. The head nurse wouldn't investigate and they just blew me off. One day I came in there and she had so many bruises, that I finally slid a recorder under her dresser to find out if anything was really going on. The next day I played the recorded and I hear my mom "almost pleading" with a staff person asking why they don't like her and why are they always hurting her. I also hear my mom yell at a worker saying "stop poking me in my face" and mom says a mean reference to a staff person at one point and right after that I heard my mom scream as if someone pinched her or something. My mom is a combative person but she is also 84 years old with dementia. On Mothers Day I wrote the State a letter about what I had seen going on with my mom. A few days later he (state worker) contacted me and told me when he would be there.I texted a picture of her and her bruises so he would be able to recognize her in the hall. They did do an investigation but since my moms skin is fraile, they could not conclusively prove that the wounds were from abuse. However they did write this nursing home up for not investigating her bruises